We are a team of people from the community in Molesey.


In February 2019 we set up air mattresses and sleeping bags across 3 different church halls in Molesey. We provided emergency accommodation for 8 people over the next few months, 4 nights a week.

We had an incredible team of volunteers who ensured that every night we were open there was a lovingly prepared homemade meal and good conversation and company. Guests described their experience at our night shelter as one which made them feel like they weren't homeless and made them feel as though they were part of a family.

It's our dream to be able to run throughout the year, so that no-one in Elmbridge has to sleep outside. For now, we're planning to run from September 30th 2019, to March 29th 2020, every night of the week. That's our current target. It's a huge step up, but we'd like to do it. 

To make it happen we need help.

We need an even bigger team than before. 

If you'd like to get involved please visit our 'I can help!' page. 

Thank you.